Saturday, 19 May 2012

BSNL/MTNL broadband speed hack May 2012

All of you know that BSNL has Bandwidth contention ratio of 1:25 which means that 25 people may share a connection and compete for international bandwidth. That is why some people like me are experiencing less download speeds between 11:30 am to 7:30 pm.

I subscribed to 4 Mbps plan but the speed drops to as much as 256 kbps during peak hours.

An important point is local bandwidth used by sites like and other CDN powered sites are not affected. So I still get great speeds at youtube.

But downloading from many other sites is affected a lot. So to avoid this problem use the following IP proxies to get your full subscribed bandwidth.

To use these proxies effectively, initially load the webpage containing the desired video without the proxy enabled. After the webpage has loaded and if the video buffers while playing then just switch on the proxy and then replay the video or refresh the page.
Use browser plugins like Foxy Proxy, Proxy Anywhere, etc. for fast and easy switching between proxies.

I have thought a lot about this problem and I think that this problem is due to poor BGP routing issue from BSNL. All the BGP paths are passing through a selected few New York based international routers which face increased load at peak time.

The above proxies use Tata's or Reliance's BGP transit path and also their international bandwidth which have greater network capacity so I get high speeds.
Tested in Kalyan telecom region.

It should work for MTNL, Sify, Tikona, Meghbela, Hathway, Railtel and Fivenet too.
Do post your comments on this...

Since these proxies keep dying within a few days of posting and also because this post receives the maximum no. of  views, I would like to share the technique to find the right proxy if anyone is interested to find more on their own.
1. Go to
and check each ip at for a peer entry of TATA COMMUNICATIONS/VSNL.

2. Now you may test the proxy status and speed by downloading some file or at

3. You may see the results for yourself by selecting a distant server like Honolulu(HI) at and running the test with and without the proxy and then compare the two results.

4. If there are no proxies in the xroxy list, try increasing the latency time but never compromise on reliability.

5. Spectranet, Tikona, Hathway and Railtel users may use the above procedure with additional benefit of selecting proxies which have peering with BHARTI AIRTEL.

6. If highly reliable foreign proxies are required then go to in step 1.
You will get a much longer list (more work!) but at least those found by following rest of the steps wont die within a month.


  1. thaks for nice post.

  2. anyway, i have tried and could not succeeded... still ok

  3. hi you know how to hack the speed i have bsnl broad band plan unlimited..pls send mail on pls pls speed is so poor..thanks in advance..

  4. Hey Ankit! First of all, thanks for the post. I am trying this out but since all the proxies you have mentioned are dead, i am trying to find a working set of proxies. I am lost at the first step of your instructions - what does one do after checking each ip for a peer entry of tata communications? I am lost here. Could you please help me out on this?

    1. Then u just follow the second step which basically means to use that particular proxy and practically check whether it is working or not. You may also check what bandwidth it is able to provide.

  5. hi
    will this work on connections with FUP plan
    i have 'mtnl' with 10gb 2mbps speed
    after 10gb i get 750kbps
    wich is baaad

    1. No,this won't increase ur speed beyond ur subscribed speed.
      This will only help if u r not getting ur subscribed bandwidth.

  6. still not getting the desired result but post is good as ankit said thet it won't increase beyond the subscribed speed